My name is Nashe Cain, and I’m from Brooklyn, New York. I care about the issue because there’s a lot of crime going on in my community and mostly young people are doing the crime and they getting charged like adults. I’m 16 years old, so if I were ever to commit a crime, I would want to be charged as a 16-year-old, not as a grown woman.

I’ve been seeing how cops treat young people, and it hurts me because they mostly bother the boys, and if I ever have a son I wouldn’t want my son to be charged as an adult when he’s not an adult, or to see him dead.

What happened to Kalief Browder was real sad, and it hurts me to know that the city I live in is responsible for this. Kalief brown went to jail just because they said he stole a bag. Browder was offered a deal plead guilty and be sentenced to time served, or plead not guilty, and if convicted, face another 15 years in jail. Browder, who has always maintained his innocence, refused to plead guilty, and in June, charges against him were suddenly dropped. Kalief Browder’s story does not relate to me because i never been prosecuted or in the system. Picking out lying suspects from their body language is ineffective. And trying then to gain a confession by exaggerating the strength of the evidence and playing down the seriousness of the offense can encourage people to admit to terrible things they didn’t do.



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  1. Samuel 3 years ago

    Nashe, I have only heard of people under the age of 18 being tried as an adult when the crime is usually murder or even worse. This is an interesting topic to write about, especially since it hits close to your community. I wish you and your community the best of luck.

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