It has become evident on many social media sites, including Instagram, Twitter, Phhhoto and Facebook, etc, that many people are enjoying the outdoors. But is it true enjoyment? Or is the glee from the positive feedback of the photo posted about the outdoors.

Social media has become a major distraction. “It is true that development has been and remains our daily focus, but we should not be slaves to the emerging trends. Using these apps in the appropriate time would certainly be a more profitable option in our day-to-day affairs. Our lives should be our first priority, and not the luxuries associated with it.” (Giraso). Our person to person contact is now very limited. Our senses are being diluted because of our constant and accessible screen time.

Social Media could serve as a tool to spread outdoor/environmental awareness, rather than as a weapon to exploit natural environments. Through research I have come to understand that technology can serve as a distraction, becoming a substitute for youth to playing outside and joining athletic activities, as well as an inspiration and educator while concerning outdoor recreation and conservation.

Social media is both a tool and a weapon, depending on the individual or organization using it. When utilized correctly, technology, and social media can promote awareness, conservation, and participation in appreciating the outdoors and all they offer. However, if put in the hands of an uneducated person/group, social media can exploit or abuse the natural beauties of Earth. In order to motivate youth to get outside, explore, appreciate, and conserve, we must use their habit of social media to educate them on proper outdoorsmanship. It will take time, but with enough effort and proper education we can inspire youth to have curiosity while adventuring in the natural world, as well as to be cautious and appreciative, without exploitation.  





Giraso, Juliet. “Social Media, – A Disastrous Distraction.” AllAfrica. Africa News Service, 2 Dec. 2015. Web. 26 Feb. 2017.

Social Media & Outdoor Recreation



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