Today, the United States is arguably the top superpower in the world. For much of its history, including today, our nation acted as a world policy maker and influencer, monitoring the situation in every corner of the globe and building up a worldwide system of alliances and military bases. In the process, we also managed to surpass many other nations in its superpower status, allowing the US to really exert influence worldwide. Now days, it is difficult to untangle through US history to find what exactly lead the nation to its modern superpower status. The US began expanding its boundaries and influence since its founding in the late 1700s. By the 19th century, through industrialization, the US really strengthened its economy and experienced modernization, eventually reaching the status as a major world power particularly after defeating Spain in the Spanish-American War. However, that was only a start and the US wasn’t quite the top superpower it is today. The nation still had to share global dominance with other nations, those being the empires of Western Europe and Japan, whom also had a competing chance. Starting from the end of World War Two, however, the US was able to reach its maximum potential as the top superpower it is in the modern world.  WW2 allowed the US to significantly exceed other major power and become the leader in managing global affairs. Because of that, after WW2 to the present, the country was able to go further by bringing its influences around the world to an extent the US never before accomplished. During that time, the Cold War was the prime motivator for the US to exert its influence farther than the nation has done so in the past.


US Superpower



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  1. Noah 3 years ago

    I can agree that after World War two the United States really started to to exceed other superpowers of the world due to how influential the US to devastated countries like Germany and Japan who are now some of the United States numerous allies. Your evidence is reasonable and strong to support your claim. You use historic events truly as it should be used which is to help explain how The United States became the top world superpower.

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