Everyday more and more bees die off. The United States has lost up to 44 percent of their bee population in 2015-16. Bee populations are so low in the US that it now takes 60% of the country’s surviving colonies just to pollinate one California crop. Because of CCD, industrial agriculture, parasites/pathogens, climate change, cell phones, and much more, the bees are dying quite quickly. There are many things we can do to resolve this big problem, but it’s going to take a lot of work. We as humans need to work fast, otherwise, the entire human population could be in big trouble.




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  1. Natalya 2 years ago

    I have heard that the bees are dying off but I didn’t know to what extent! Do you know how you could help with saving the bees? I know of something where you can make your yard a habitat for bees and be certified. Thanks for doing the project! We need awareness.

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