For my research paper I researched the decision making process of a general manager in athletics. More specifically the correlation between playing a high level of college basketball or football and if that influences the decision of getting the job. Throughout my research I found out multiple general managers took different paths and some took longer than others. What I found was that those who play D1 athletics had a easier ladder to climb not because of the knowledge that came with the gameplay, even though that played a small role, but because of the people they got to know while playing. The more coaches and staff you knew then the easier it was to become a candidate when the job was available. Like most jobs I found out that the general manager position is based off who you knew and if you knew a lot of people then it was easier to get a job for you.


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  1. Parker 2 years ago

    I think this is an interesting topic. I’ve played and watched sports my whole life and wondered a lot about careers in sports. I think that like any job, your network that you build is a huge part of finding jobs and being hired. For high-level athletes, the networks they build are crucial for their present athletic career as well as future job prospects. Many people also see those who play sports in college and professionally as more qualified because they have more experience with the game and coaching/managing styles that they can bring to the table if pursuing a career in athletics. I found this article for you about professional athletes’ careers after sports:

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