Research on partisan media suggests that our news today is creating a polarized atmosphere in American politics. Partisan media includes Fox News and MSNBC where each takes an extreme end of the political spectrum. Because of the extreme partisanship, many news sites have turned more into bashing the opposing side. Along with biased beliefs, partisan media platforms are dramatically changing the way that news is reported in that facts that do not back up their own beliefs and opinions are ignored. Partisan media is proving to become a dangerous aspect of our political life.

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  1. Maddie 2 years ago

    This is such a great topic, especially as we see how relevant it is today. Great job summarizing your paper, and I cant wait to read more on this!

  2. Tommy 2 years ago

    Maybe the way we consume media has changed the goals of large media players. With the decline in newspapers, TV news fills the void. However, TV, unlike most newspaper, is mainly a form of entertainment. So only the big stories, terrorism, big policies, get covered, with dramatic effect.

  3. Anna 2 years ago

    Addie, I thought you did a good job of previewing and summarizing your research. I also think the picture you used is very representative of the content of this article, the “backwards” flag representing America’s warped media.

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