The research I conducted focused on the use of Performance Enhancing Drug throughout the course of the late 1900s and early 2000s.  With rampant steroid and testosterone the league had to adopt new preventative measures in order to keep this cheating from becoming rampant.  Among the new measures were stricter penalties and the use of new tests.  While no one really knows the extent to PED use currently in the MLB, from all indications the new drug testing policy has greatly reduced the amount of players using these illegal substances.  (link: Research essay )


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  1. Sarah 2 years ago

    Seiji, this seems like a really interesting research project. I find it interesting because often times you don’t hear about the corruptness in baseball as it is more of a low-key sport compared to football and basketball. I like the different ways you found that are being used to curb drug use in the MLB. I would love to see how it progresses as newer drugs come out, along with stricter regulations.

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