I am from the basketball court,

from roaring crowds and the swooshing sound when the ball hits the net.

I am from towering piles of clothes and the endless stacks of shoes.

I am from crape myrtles,

the bright and beautiful flowers that line the streets in the summer.

I am from big turkey dinners and sarcasm.

From the laughs shared between all cousins and the sweet memory of Jacob.

I am from drunken card games and never ending fun.

From “If you eat that seed a watermelon will grow in your belly”

and “Treat others how you want to be treated.”  

I am from the church goers to the stay at homers.

I’m from Savannah Georgia, where the sun always shines,

from big spaghetti dinners to a burger and fries.;

From the lost cousin who took his own life

The bad habits in which consume my aunt and my mother.

And the daily arguments that end by night.

I am from boxes filled with old photos,

Memories made by a family of lies.

CC BY-SA 4.0 A Family of Lies by Skylar is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

  1. Kemonjie 6 months ago

    I feel she is talking about being a young athlete who love to play basketball and have fun outside, another thing i noticed where she is from is that she is from the south where the people used the old way to live like go to church and eat good soul food. another thing that stand out to me in this poem was when she said the saying “If you eat that seed a watermelon will grow in your belly” i like that saying because it bring memories back up in my head from when i was young and live in the south myself.

  2. Athsia 7 months ago

    Starting off you know that she is talking about being into sports and she is athletic person. A girl from down south a friendly good soul. Likes to just spend time playing games and staying home.

  3. Samuel 7 months ago

    Skylar, this was a very good poem, it was very deep, and made me think about where I come from.

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