Author: Darius

Never give up no matter what

My dad always told me I can do anything I set my mind to. I have two brothers and sisters, out of the five of us, I am the most one to give up on a lot of thing in life. My big brother Dominik always tells me to stop giving up so much and stand strong, but they didn’t know the story and pain of why I’m the way that I am. When I was in 6th,7th, and 8th grade, those years was the turning point of my life. A lot of people doubted me on everything that I wanted to do, and always put me down.
    I even have a teacher come to my face and say that I’m dumb and I would never make it in life. I will never forget that moment when I was in 7th grade and this teacher told me that I would never be able to drive in my life without taking medicine; that will keep me focused. That hurt and stuck with me for a very long time. My dad always said never give up and that’s what I will do. I would never give up, I will always prove people wrong of what they said I can’t do, my dad is the one who motivated me to be the way that I am, and i will never change.