Over the years society has changed drastically. Each generation remembers the world differently than the last. Even Though I believe that in many ways society has changed for the better, I believe that as a whole we have also misplaced a lot of morals, and values that are important. I believe that even though our new technology has taken us beyond imagination, and stretched our knowledge and communications, that it has also acted like a blinder to what is in front of us. Our small individual worlds we each have, seem to be less important now than the one we see through the screen. People are less inclined to help people, and families seem to be not as close as they could be or would have been. The emotional bond between people is important. As human beings we weren’t meant to survive alone, we were meant to be surrounded by a community, and to work as one. I think it’s important that we practice teaching each other that we don’t walk alone, we are part of a greater whole and should walk as one. 




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