The book I am currently reading is The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne. From what I have read I understand that the main character Bruno and his family have to move out of Berlin. The reason being his family has to be moving because of his father’s job. Bruno never understood the whole reason why they moved around or where his dad works. His older sister Gretel and him start discussing how they are missing their friends from Berlin. In their new neighborhood, there is no children or other families to play with. Bruno decides to tell Gretel about what he is able to see from his room. Once Gretel looks through the window she notices what Bruno was saying about their being kids there. What they don’t understand is that they are concentration camps for the Jews. What they think is in back of their home is people who aren’t in good living conditions. Bruno and his father start having a conversation about the people he sees from his bedroom window, but his father just says that those people aren’t people at all. I am still currently reading the book. I look forward to seeing what happens if Bruno will find out the reality of who those people are.


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  1. Anna 3 years ago

    I really loved this book when I first read it. While it is very sad, the subject was very interesting and I learned a lot through the eyes of this little boy. I really hope you enjoy the rest of it, but be warned, the ending is very sad.

  2. Anna 3 years ago

    This topic is extremely sad, but I think is important to learn about such awful things that happened so that we can learn from our mistakes. I have no read the book but I want to and I hope you enjoy reading it.

  3. Beatrice 3 years ago

    this is an extreamly sad book. if you love this book then you should watch the movie. they are both really similar.

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