Two articles state claims about the safety pin project that’s going on for those people who feel threatened by Donald trump. In the first article the author is persuading the audience to feel as though they can feel safe around anyone they see wearing a safety pin. In the second article the author sounds very angry, he or she claims that these safety pins symbolize guilt.

Article one: Everyone has the right to feel safe in the own skin. How fair is it that immigrants or people of color have to the streets of their land feeling as though someone is out to harm them in any way shape or form. These safety pins symbolize hope for many people. Its shows that you don’t have to be afraid of the bigger man and when I say the bigger man i don’t mean God himself I mean the man in the white house. He has made millions of civilians feel so disgustingly uncomfortable it’s sad. Once you feel as though you’re a target you begin to feel anxious like there is no one standing behind you, but there are people standing behind you in fact they are standing with you. A wise man once said there is nothing to fear but fear itself. Look for the safety pin on anyone’s shirt and that is where you can go for hope they are your allies they are the ones who want to make you feel comfortable they are the ones who will help you lose this fear of the bigger man.

Article two: Now this article gave me quite the laugh. It really just seems so true at this point it is hilarious, to wear a safety pin a symbol of hope for those of color or those who wear a scarf around their heads or those who speak Spanish. Where the safety pins before Trump were got elected into the white house? Who was worried about these people besides themselves and the people just like them? Remember black lives matter? Truthfully I ONLY saw black people screening that so those other black people knew that their life indeed did matter. The author of this article is clearly upset with this “PROTEST” they claim that the white people have indeed fucked up and this is true. So now they don’t want to be associated with the dismay that is going to occur for these non-white people. These safety pins not only symbolize hope but it also symbolizes white privilege. Take a look at those people strutting their safety pins what do you see more of? White skin only. The author says take responsibility!  Understand this, there was a time when this could’ve all been prevented but it didn’t happen. Majority of Americans wanted trump to be president so badly they got him in there. If these people knew and stuck with him since day one why are they trying to change it now? It’s scary to say this but it reminds me of the German SS officers in the book night, they came in nice wanting to makes the Jewish party feel safe and they blindly ambushed them. Is this what it could come to? So to those of you who wear the safety pins who are you really fighting for yourself guilt or those people in real danger?




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