For the Americans wearing these symbols on a safety pin to stand up against racism, sexism, and xenophobia are very well respected by me. A lot of people on this world don’t seem to stand up for anything enough, it’s shouldn’t be like that when we’re living in this crazy world like we are today. Racism is really a big deal now that we have a new president who isn’t the biggest fan of certain races. Sexism is also a big thing going on right now, there is a lot of cruel behavior going on in the United States at this time and there should be more people, including our president, trying to stand up for what is right and this should be stopped immediately. I like the idea of the new symbol to stand against racism, sexism, etc. America needs all the help it can get right now because there is honestly a lot of terrible things going on, from our new president, from human trafficking, and all the racist things being said and done. The new symbol is an awesome way to show that some people of America really do care and want to make a change about everything going on today. I wish that more people would get involved, a lot more because it’s going to take more than just a group of people to get justice over what they believe in. The more people we having standing up for what’s right the better our country will turn out. We need all the help we can possibly get because America is making a bad turn, too much similar behavior going on from the past. I like the symbol thing they’re starting to come out with, I would encourage everyone to do the right thing and wear it as well.Photo by Anders Bornholm


CC BY-SA 4.0 Safety Pin-Lyndan by Lyndan is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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