Mathew Morel
Pioneer Diary
March 15,2017

Diary of a Pioneer on the Oregon Trail: This diary was for my social studies project please give me some comments an some ideas that I should make changes for. Thank You!

Dear Diary,
I am now going to the Oregon Trail I can not wait! I will have to work with the other men that are going with me. I am going to bring my wife and kids. My kids are 13 and 15 years old . The Oregon trail is going to start 1836 of April. I am interested in what is going to happen when we go to the Rocky Mountains. We will have to bring food like rice, flour, beans, potatoes. I am so excited to go on this Oregon Trail. Well that is what I have for now . Before I finish this I will have to bring a weapon like a gun, knife, or more to defend myself. Something that I learned about the Oregon Trail is the Oregon Trail is stretched to 2,000 miles across America. The Oregon Trail is the longest, and famous trail in the West. Another thing I learned is that the Oregon Trail landmarks are Jailhouse Rock, Courthouse Rock, Chimney Rock, Scott´s Bluff, and Devil’s Gate. This is all for now.

Dear Diary,
This is the first stop going to the Oregon Trail. My sons are already feeling sick. I do not have medicines so the only way is if they eat. Our first meal on this Trail was fish, rice, and beans. The food was good that I got two servings of that. It is now nighttime me, and my kids went to a rough, dirty woods with me. We went to the river to fish for some fish. We only got 5 fishes .We had less than what we needed for the people who are with us. Me and the other men had to go to the forest that was 55 miles away from our stop just to get buffalos for the rest of the people. It was dinner time the food tasted good I choose to eat the buffalo I never tried it. I ate the buffalo and the side with some potatoes. Well it is now time to sleep until we start our trip at 7:00 am.

Dear Diary,
Good morning it is 4:00 in the morning , I am going to blow the horn to signal that it is time to wake up to eat breakfast. Well now everybody woke up the women are going to make breakfast for all of us. The menu today is coffee, bread, bacon, and pancakes. I can’t wait to eat it! It is time to eat, and I drank the dark coffee. I was so hungry that I got 3 servings of food! I am ready to go to my adventure. First I got to pack all the tents for tonight. Right now I am feeling adventurous. The thing I am wondering about this adventure is what if everybody dies from the sickness that my my sons already have?
Well now I am at the Rocky Mountains, it is so hard because the wagon is not working with us. I had to walk and pull the wagon when there was jagged place. Another thing that was difficult was that when we entered the Rocky Mountain it started raining that we even sometimes left the trail I almost made the wagon tilt. When we left the Rocky Mountain, it was sunny that I could not see for five minutes.Well now we came to our stop for the night. Today was a hard day because I had to pull the wagon, and drive the wagon. This is all for now.
Photo by San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives


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