I am from  the different designer cups stolen from a variety of places

from  the coconut oil used in my hair to the brush that di more than brush my edges but also my forehead

I am from  be home before the street light turns on

and  65th avenue when they all looked the same

I am from  the Oak trees covering the bedroom window

whose  branches whistled at the rain when life seemed to stop

I am from  the red camera only driven when leaving oakland to

from Hailey and Smiths

I am from hitting people cause you’re happy  and Telling everyone your business

and from cussing people out in haiti because it was better

from head scarfs and wardrobe

I am from baptist christianity

I am from Mcgregory and Helen

from fried chicken and rice

from Haitian revolution

and from slave trades

Having nothing to having everything

I am from those moments  

I am from Mcgregory and Helen


CC BY-SA 4.0 From Nothing to Everything by Stardazia is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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  1. Skylar 9 months ago

    Hello Stardazia, This was a very good piece. I connected with the part where you mentioned being from having to be home before the street light comes on. I used to have to be home before the street like came on as well. It was very interesting! I would love to know the background story about cussing people out in Haiti. Great work!
    – Skylar

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