We all seen the videos, the commercials and live footage of the man we unfortunately call our “president” We all seen the hate/threats he expresses towards certain groups of people and because of this display, it has the citizens of America scared and uneasy. It has the people thinking that maybe them or their family will be the next ones deported, they will get killed because of their race, gender, or sexual preference, they suffer with the hateful/racial comments from the man we call our president and the brainwashed people that follow right behind him like lost puppies. There is one thing that makes the citizens feel safe and that is pinning a safety pin to their clothing. This safety pin symbolizes that you are not alone. There are many people in this world who are just as terrified at what the future might be in store for them and they wear the safety pin to show that they will stand by you. You will never have to face these challenges by yourself as they will rise above them with you. You will not fight this battle on your own. That’s why it’s important to stand tall and stand together. When you see someone with the safety pin on their clothing, flash the brightest smile and tell that person “I am with you.” Because together, we can do great things, we can make the change this world desperately needs.


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  1. Jude 2 years ago


    After reading your post, I’m quite intrigued. It interests me as to why people would be scared to get killed because of their race or gender. Our government is constructed very well in a way that nobody is above the law, and in the ridiculous case that such things did happen, proper action would be taken immediately and the person(s) responsible would suffer major consequences, as would anyone else. You are right that people should be worried about getting deported to their home country, and they should be, if they are here illegally like some are.

    Now I’m not entirely sure what wearing a safety pin accomplishes, but whatever, you do you. The President won the election because people are done being politically correct, and because they favor what they hope will be a better economy, lower taxes, and safety in our own country. Just because he was a little “mean” to some people really isn’t important to most people.

    But, I think people who do have concerns need to take more effective action that doesn’t include safety pins or constant protesting. While it gets a point across, it ultimately doesn’t solve any problems. Instead, better people need to be running for office so they have a better chance of getting their policies implemented.

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