Equality doesn’t Exist!

In the book The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin there’s a line on  page 23 that says “… white people, who robbed black people of their liberty and who profited by this theft every hour that they lived… they had the judges, the juries, the shotguns, the law-in a word, power..” it sets certain feelings and facts about history. While I was reading this I felt unsafe, irritated and a negative energy because that line explains how no matter what situation you may be in, if you are not white no one is going to be on your side. In other words it shows how white cops will always be in the right and have the power to hurt people of color. Knowing that no matter what they do they have people on there side, such as the judges and the jury. This simple statement can be proven by many past cases of police brutality in the past 4 years. This leads to double consciousness, where one culture is aware of another. This sentence, James shows that he is aware that his culture is aware that there is another culture that’s going against them. It also shows an act of white privilege, when a white person gets more benefits and more opportunities the color people. James explains how no matter what people will always be on the white person’s side right? Due to what? Their skin color! Due to our past whites will always have the upper hand. Not to say white people are bad, it’s just they are not black.
Social Construction of race, race is society’s agreement, acceptance, and enforcement of it. Later on in page 23 of the Fire Next Time there’s a line that exposes society for accepting racism within the black culture. In the text it states “ … I then knew-never to make peace with the ghetto but to die and go to Hell before I would let any white man spit on me, before I accept my “place” in this republic.” This shows how society profiles black people to live in the ghetto instead of a white person. James explains that he refuses to accept that stereotype, even though it was a forced lifestyle. The line “before I let a white man spit on me” shows he refuses to live up to the idea of what white people have on blacks. This line makes me feel amazed and hopeful in a way, because it shows that just cause we grew up in the ghetto doesn’t mean we belong there. That we shouldn’t let the idea of what white people have on us come more than just a stereotype.


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  1. Pavan 2 years ago

    Dear Kimberley,

    I love how you included that race is a societal agreement. Even the scientific community agrees with this, as it’s biologically proven that there isn’t enough of a genetic disparity for people with different skin color to be classified as a different race.

  2. Rylan 2 years ago

    Hello Kimberley,

    Thanks for your post! It sounds like you are getting a lot of insight from this book. Keep up the good work, it sounds like you are learning a lot.

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