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Over the past 20 years college tuition has risen unbelievably high. We both know that most of the time students can not afford college tuition so they drop out. Many attempt to begin a business with hope for an easier way of making money and paying off debt. The high cost of tuition interferes with students’ education causing them to stress of how they will pay off their debt. In order to continue with their major, they have to work even harder to slowly pay their debt which will take them a whole life time. It is time for us to realize that educating others is not about the paycheck, it is about helping them achieve their goals of a career.

Parents whose children are attending college might not realise that if, they are not financially stable the students might have a hard time paying off their debt. Studies have shown that only 20 percent of U.S. men and 27 percent of U.S. women have more education than their parents. Many students try to prevent enlarging tuition costs by taking out multiple loans which instead increases their problems. Other students would rather prefer to start their own business than attend school. Thirty-six percent of college students start their own business, and another twenty-one percent start a business due to unemployment. What you will not see is that students have trouble buying their first home with their large debt following them everywhere they go. Since 1980, the percentage of college students owning a house has dropped from 61 percent to 57 percent. Debt can also come between the desire for marriage, having children, and seeking dental and medical care.

You on the other hand, earn money from the presence of students in your class. You still receive a paycheck even if students are failing your class. All the money you receive is the same money your students are working so hard to gain in order for them to attend classes. Once these students graduate, if they have debt to pay off, you practically have control over them. About 42 percent of college graduates with debt will go from paycheck to paycheck throughout their life, leaving them with no other choice, but to pause their personal life to focus on debt. Colleges have cut spending in order for higher education. Since 1980, the amount of funding decreased, whereas, the price of tuition increased greatly. A large percentage of students begin to question if college is even worth it, the high cost of college sets college students to think that dropping out of school is a better option. Even the action of students dropping out of college, who were going for a bachelor’s degree, had an effect on the nation in 2008. These dropout students played a part in the 3.8 billion dollars lost in income, the 566 million dollars lost of federal income taxes, and the 164 million dollars lost of state income taxes. Not only does the unbelievably high cost of college tuition affect the students harshly, but also our country.

As a high school student attending Marysville Charter Academy for the Arts I believe that this is a problem that must be fixed in order for students to reach their highest goals in earn a degree and in their career. It is your job to educate, but I do not believe that students should have to pay thousands of dollars in order to learn. Giving the students at least three years of free college, would give students time to save money for the college tuition that follows. This way, they would have an opportunity to succeed rather than to just give up. Instead of having the students focus on how to pay for college, let’s have them focus on their career.



Ariana Palato



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  1. Yuliana 2 years ago

    Dear Ariana,
    From your post that you have written I am aware that the price of college tuition is increasing. Many student get financial aid but that doesn’t cover all their expenses. Going off to college can be stressful and costy. To get a good education you must pay thousands of dollars to reach you goals. Many will not continue the journey and drop out. Is increasing the cost of tuition necessary or helpful at all? It can make the economy worse because less and less people will have a good education and may not reach their dreams of being teachers, doctors, nurses, veterinarians, etc. I agree with you that students should get some college years paid so they can earn money and go further if they desire. This would cut their stress and may even benefit the economy. Thank you for your project it was interesting learning more information and your perspective on college tuition.

  2. Ryan 2 years ago

    College tuition seems to go up up and every year. I really enjoyed your post. More and more people need to realize that college isn’t cheap and debt is a killer. Its a shame that bright smart people can’t afford to go to school.

  3. Ben 2 years ago

    I really enjoyed reading your post. I agree with you, I sure do not want to have to be worrying about debt both during and after college. I feel as if thinking about college debt while in college would put a lot of stress on students as well distract them from their studies.

  4. Marcus 2 years ago

    Hello Ariana,

    I can totally relate myself with the stress that college tuition can be, specially for us, seniors.
    This is a major issue and a stress cause for us, and that can affect our studies or even our majors…
    I am glad that we have some people working on it, in order to even reduce or cut it off.

  5. Vail 2 years ago

    I too think that the cost of college tuition is a huge problem now days and that something needs to be done about it. I’m a senior in high school and I’m fortunate enough to come from a family with enough money to pay for my entire college tuition. I’m also an athlete and have received several offers to attend school for half tuition. And it’s truly a blessing because a lot of my friends’ parents aren’t going to be able to pay for their tuition so they have to work throughout college which is something I won’t have to do.

  6. Josh 2 years ago

    Hi Ariana,
    I really liked reading your post! As a high school senior I am a bit worried about the future and the costs of college. I don’t want to have my life be controlled by debt I racked up from learning. I want to be able to enjoy my life after college. We need to do something but I feel it will be too late to benefit myself and others in high school at the moment.

  7. OfaK 2 years ago

    Hey Ariana,

    I just wanted to say I liked how you voiced your opinion on college tuition. I do believe as much as you do on how it is a huge problem and impact on students especially for low income families. But I do have a question. You stated that students should at least be given a free 3 years of college. Are you referring to all students coming from all income background or certain students?

    • Author
      Ariana 2 years ago

      When i stated students should be given at least 3 years of free college i meant that this should apply for students with low income and also others who are struggling with earning money. My reason being these are the students who are actually in need of help to pay for college tuition, yet no changes are made to help out these students.

  8. Justinian 2 years ago

    Hi Ariana,
    I definitely agree that college tuition is a huge problem. In our society, a college education is almost a necessity for nearly any career. Gone are the days when a high school education could get you a job and a life. In a way, I think this is a good thing, because it means that we are, on the whole, becoming a more educated society. However, this fact should be leading to a decrease in college tuition, because more people need to get them now, Instead, College is more expensive than ever now. This is very unsettling, because the purpose of college is to provide further education for a career, not to make money, and this rise in college tuition is a strong indicator that they could not care less if we succeed or not.

  9. Jourdan M Erby 2 years ago

    Hey Ariana! I really did enjoy this blog post because, I too feel very strong about this topic. The ongoing issue of college tuition rising has become a major issue. It’s nice too see more people getting involved in trying to make difference for the greater good! I hope to read more posts from you soon!

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