Dear concerned citizens,

Workforce training needs to be introduced and integrated into more of our high schools in America. The average high school student spends their four years in high school “preparing” for college but not every student will go to college or graduate from college. Workforce training is a way to prepare students for college, a future career, and to expose students to more than just academics.

As a high school student, there is a lot of stress focused on what we are going to do later in our lives and how we are going to do it. However, when you have such little experience in any field of work it is hard to understand anything about what career you are going to decide on.

That is what college is for, right? You probably think that college, and only college, is for finding your path and what career you’re going to go into, that college is the place to be for experience.

Thirty seven percent of college graduates never use their college degree, and the majority of all college graduates are drowning in debt! In 2012, the average student debt was 29,400 dollars. Four years later, the average college graduate has 37,172 dollars in student loan debt. Having this much debt can reflect poorly on your credit, making it difficult to buy a house, a car, or even rent an apartment. Students that had workforce training in high school were a lot more successful at finding jobs or excelling in the field they trained in. At Southeast Occupational Center, one of Los Angeles Unified School District’s Division of Adult and Career Education schools, 93% of their students went on to graduate college and/or excel in the field they were trained in. Having experience in the career you are aiming for makes it a lot easier to get an internship or a job as an assistant while you are furthering your education.

In conclusion, introducing high schoolers to workforce training is beneficial for many different reasons like how it gives high school students new ways to explore new ideas for potential careers. Workforce training can help high school graduates support themselves while going through college or while going straight into the workforce. For those who cannot afford college tuition, having experience with a job of sorts gives them the chance to go straight into the workforce and be able to support themselves, rather than increasing their debt for 4-6 years to get a degree they may not use. Thank you for taking the time to read about my concerns about this issue and I hope that this raised or furthered your concerns for this issue.



Sunsara Sutton



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