At a point in time, there was a recurring feud that occurred between white and black individuals. Famous artist bloomed at these rough times using their writing concerning family and their life experiences. One of these artist was James Baldwin, a artist who had a unique takes on what was going on in American society and used this opportunity to share it with his growing nephew.

“It is certainly sad that the awakening of one’s senses should lead to such merciless judgement of oneself- to say nothing of the time and anguish one spends in the effort to arrive at any other”. This quote angers me because it shows how black people are undeservingly attacked due to the history between African Americans and white Americans. This is portrayed by the the words “merciless judgement” which show how we are constantly being targeted for egotistical reasons.

The quote, “ The world is white and they are black” makes me feel empowered. Baldwin exemplifies African American empowerment by debunking white supremacy in his writing. He portrays how the world revolves around the belief that white individuals are superior to black individuals. In reality black individuals are beginning to raise awareness as time continues to move forward, white people continue to find ways to try and oppress or outrank black people in one way or another. This is a constant issue in society because as our community continues to develop and advance, the way races interact drastically changes.


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  1. Beatrice 2 years ago

    it is nice to know that you feel empowered. you should always feel empowered. feeling empowered is a good thing.

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