“Mother of six, suddenly gone mad, the children parcelled out here and there”

-James Baldwin

This quote in particular called out to me because it really made me imagine the desperation of that mother, the struggles that they really had to go through. It really made me realize how bad things were back then and it truly makes me feel upset and almost angry. Like this was innocent people that hadn’t done anything wrong, people who couldn’t change how they looked or who they were. Baldwin used particular literary devices in this specific part to transmit this emotion and what his point was, the purpose of putting this particular example in his book.

The wording or the Diction that used played a big role is this line, they choice of words that he decided to use really emphasized the meaning behind the sentence. He also used alliteration as you can see in the quote, the M and the S were repeated twice giving the sentence a certain rhyme rhythm that made this quote noticeable, as soon you read it you can see the rhythm that it has. Also the tone that Baldwin used influences the way in which you read the sentence, he used a very sour and sad tone yet in a way you can hear acceptance behind it like he was almost saying “this is we’ve come to”.




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