The safety pin campaign was supposedly created to show support and solidarity for those who have been targeted by bigotry following the election of Donald Trump; it shows that they are “allies” of the LGBT, of people of color, and of those who have immigrated to America. Wearing a safety pin to show support of marginalized groups is fine, but that’s where the issue comes in: the issue is that people are donning the safety pins, claiming to be “allies” of those who have been marginalized, but do jack shit when the time comes to act on the virtues that they claim to hold dear. How can you call yourself their “ally” when you stand and watch in silence while they are made a target of hatred? You are not an ally. You are a bystander.


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  1. Sonia 3 years ago

    Dear Drew,
    I love this post because I agree with it so completely! I had never heard of the safety pin campaign before youthvoices, and it interests me greatly. When you wrote, “How can you call yourself their ‘ally’ when you stand and watch in silence while they are made a target of hatred? You are not an ally. You are a bystander,” I had flashbacks of lessons from teachers about bullying, and about what it means to be a bystander. Because of those lessons, whenever I see someone bothered or bullied, I stand up for them. I consider myself an ally for those people, not merely a bystander.
    Just several weeks ago, one of my friends was being teased in the park for his autism. My other friend and I went up to the bullies, who were clearly using the victim’s weaknesses against him, and told them to stop. The sad part was that the victim was so convinced that these bullies were his friends that he told me that they weren’t bothering him, that they were being nice, and that I shouldn’t be bothering his “friends.” I was repulsed by the bullies’ behavior. Luckily, they stopped teasing him for that moment, but I am keeping my eyes open. I despise bullying in every form.
    Your post really spoke to me, and I look forward to reading more of what you write in the future!

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