Although the safety pin movement is a gesture that shows standing up for what you believe in, it seems pointless to me. Most times when I approach someone I rarely look at what items are on the shirt if it’s not mentioned. All of these people are representing a movement that is very unnoticeable. I’m neither for or against the safety pin movement I just believe it could have been something much bigger. 
 This appeared to be something big in the U.S during Trump’s election but for some reason I’m just now hearing of it. Seeing that it was a big issue, I am surprised on how many people are not aware. The Safety Pin movement is like a paper cut to me compared to the gash of the women’s march. The march was powerful and loud, while the safety pin movement is small and quiet.
Since these people in society want to make a statement and be heard why not do something that’ll make a bigger impact?


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  1. Ryan 2 years ago

    The Safety Pin protest is basically people wearing safety pins to protest the election of Donald Trump as POTUS. The Safety Pin originates from people protesting the Brexit. I think its a great way to say you stand against Donald Trump, but it’s meaningless in actually doing anything to stop Trump or even spread awareness because of how subtle the pin is.

  2. Kayla 2 years ago

    I support your statement entirely. I agree that the fact is that the movement should make a bigger impact instead of being small quiet. It does make sense at all, it’s just an empty gesture that really isn’t making a strong statement towards the community itself.

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