Listening to music is a technique that I will definitely stick with. Listening to music have been always fun and relaxing for me, I’ve been into music since I was a kid so I feel like music is a part of my life. I enjoy it alot because it gives me another perspective of what’s surrounding me, what I mean is that if there’s a day where everything is going great, no worries or anything, but it happens that I listen to sad music, I start to observe what’s around me and think in a upsetting way like “oh he must be having a hard time” or something, just to fit with the vibe.
I can get this technique into my daily life anytime I want because for me, there is no specific time for listening music, when I need it, it’s there for me. But there are times where if I’m sick, that’s when I feel like music is just going to add me a headache if I listen to it while I’m sick.
What happens to my brain after that particular technique is that if the music is entertaining, even though i was just crying, stressing, feel like dying, my mood would change quickly. I would become more hyped up, laugh at what I was stressing at or crying at, and just feel like everything has been resolved.



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  1. Danny 12 months ago

    Dear Noor, I agree with your statement after reading your article. When we listen to music, it will affect our emotions by stimulating brain chemicals, increasing the neurotransmitter dopamine. As well as, music has a more dramatic effect on perception. Here is the website,, you probably will be interested to read it. Thanks for your post.

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