The article, “The incredible reason you might see safety pins everywhere.” And, “Dear White People, “Your Safety Pins Are Embarrassing,” in my opinion are interesting, they catch your eye very quick. I want to voice about my opinion mainly on the article, “Dear White People, Your Safety Pins Are Embarrassing.” The writer is speaking the truth, these little symbols such as a safety pin will mean nothing. Stop and think for a minute, if somebody who doesn’t even pay attention to today’s politics looks at another person and notices a safety pin they wont think, “oh this person is fighting for a change in the way minorities are being treated.” No, majority of the time they wont even care to ask unless they are really curious.

I totally agree with the writer of this article he is absolutely right, majority of the people who say and try to show that they support the mistreatment of minorities do nothing at all to change the way things are. They really believe that wearing a safety pin will change the way police assault defenseless minorities, or our president’s racist comments. A safety pin won’t do anything but make you look just as normal as you would any other day.

I feel as if the group of people who support this should do more. Martin Luther King  never made change by being quiet, he marched. A simple thing such as wearing a safety pin in today’s society wont do much. I believe these groups of people should have peaceful protest. Build an organization or even a foundation to support the minorities who are affected by America’s cruelty. They will never feel safe when they have police offers firing their weapons at them for no reasons.

I feel we should teach people how to support those who are affected by this country’s racism. We could have neighborhood watches, maybe even have after school programs for those who are subjected to be in danger. We need to raise more and more awareness on what is going on.There is no way walking around with a little safety pin is gonna change anything.

Which I do find ironic because majority of the people who voted for trump are the ones doing this. yes, white people if you want to be specific. Since most of the examples of this protest I have seen have been only white people I guess I can assume that they are the mainly the  race of people who support this. I feel as if they only do it to hide their guilt behind what is going on in America, and that’s minorities are even in more trouble now that Trump is president. Its like working on the group prject and the only thing you choose to do is color, you don’t really contribute to anything at all.

Overall I don’t see what this will do for minorities. A safety pin is useless, its not a very good idea to think something so small will change something so big and has been going on for centuries.

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