There are lots of people around the world, who has started to wear safety pins. These safety pins represent security. It shows others that you’re safe around them. The people who mainly wears the safety pins are the minority. The safety pin are for them. The safety pins represent the racism, sexism, and ableism in the world. It might be a tiny gesture, but it speaks volumes. The people post pictures on social media to show their support.

Even though this is a nice gesture, I don’t feel like it helps. Anybody came throw a safety pin on their shirt and call themselves a supporter. The same people who elected Donald Trump might be the same people posting the pictures of the safety pins, you never know. I get that  you wear the safety pin for security, but how do you feel safe. What is the safety pin stopping? Because people are still acting the same. I think another way needs to be figured out, because the tiny safety pin gesture isn’t making a difference. I feel like protest and speeches makes a difference. Every protest doesn’t have to lead to riots, their could be peaceful protest that leads to change.

I agree with  the Dear White People article. The safety pins are used to try and make people feel  better about themselves because they elected Donald Trump into office and see now that that was a big mistake. The voters are just trying to come up with excuses for themselves. I think their needs to be another way to show your support. The safety pins aren’t working. I just feel like it’s pointless honestly.  Non-minorities just want to feel good for their actions, and that’s wrong. If you really want to show your support, make a difference that WILL change something.



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  1. Auston 4 years ago

    I definitely agree! If people are actually going to try and make a change or protest in any way, do something more than wearing a little safety pin. It does nothing.

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