To me, I think the safety pin protest is a good idea. It is a good silent protest to do because it is a better idea than going out and starting riots. President Trump is an arrogant person and I support this protest to the fullest because of many reasons. To me, the remarks that Trump made was out of line and not presidential at all. No one in this world is perfect, so for him to say what he said about women, Muslims, and African-Americans is an outrage! People can’t help the race or gender they are, so why is it such a problem? People are getting sick and tired of getting ragged on by the person who runs our country, so for people to start this peaceful protest is awesome. To take a stand and go against the negativity without killing or hurting people is how things should be. In our world today if you say the wrong thing to somebody you can get shot. Some people don’t take disrespect lightly, so for Trump to disrespect people like he isn’t the man who runs how the country is crazy. People know they can’t do anything to him because of his consequences, so to start the safety pin protest is really a good idea.


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