In Audre Lorde’s essay called “The Transformation of Silence into Language”, she talks about how she feels about silence. Silence is something that won’t protect you and she talks about the different causes silence. She wants people to quit being silent and to stand up for others and yourself. If we stand silently by while others are subject to injustice, we are guilty. When we stay silent, people don’t realize that we’re here and you can never say what we wanna say. If you just keep what people has said about you to yourself and don’t say anything back, you’ll never get the chance to say it. Which is why she says “My silence had not protected me. Your silence will not protect you.” She talks about past experience about her not being about to use her speech to stand up for something and people being silent won’t help. Being silent while someone is being treated unfairly is just rude and if you don’t stand up for others, they won’t stand up for you. Also if you keep your problems locked up, it’ll eventually burst out and drag everyone down with you. But there are reasons why some people won’t stand up for themselves or others. Lorde said,” In the cause of silence, each of us draws the face of her own fear.” Some of the reasons why some people who won’t stand up for themselves or others is that they’re afraid, “fear of contempt”, “judgement”, and the list goes on. Even though people have their reasons, they can take their time to learn how to speak up like what Lorde said “ We can learn to work and speak when we are afraid.” People can learn how to speak for others and themselves so they can not only help themselves but others too because they won’t show you and other people respect and they won’t acknowledge you as a person. In conclusion, you’ll feel guilty if you don’t stand up for someone not being treated right and just like the author said that there are still “many silences to be broken.”


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  1. Kennedy 2 years ago

    Silence sends a message but it does not help you to voice your opinion and get it off your chest. Sending no message is a message therefore, silence can also be taking a stand.

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