Speaking out may come easy to some people, but in the long run too many people have trouble coming out. This author audre lorde is one of these people who had trouble coming out. She wrote the essay “ The transformation of silence into language.” This essay of transformation tells us that some people in our society don’t come out due to systemic oppression or people in our society misunderstanding the people around them. If we stand silently by while others are subject to injustice, we are complicit. We can not stand around while the people around us are getting hurt for who they are. “I most regretted my silences”. Audre Lorde gave us this quote warning people that if they are afraid to come out and never do then they will regret it for the rest of their lives. This is encouraging, but it can also make people feel guilty. People usually don’t come out because they feel guilty for not being like everyone else. They feel that they should try to stay with the flow of society instead of being a salmon swimming up stream.
Although many people have trouble speaking out, there is still a way for them to find a comfortable situation where they can release all the stress that has filled their balloon that was hidden and floating above their heads. People speak out when comfortable, when they have friends with them, or when they feel safe. They let people criticize their feelings and choices because of this. “The woman who sustained me”, meaning that there are some people out there that can help you; you just have to believe! The way people are treated can be defined by your surroundings do people know, do people think this is bad, these are things people worry about  a lot but to overcome these fears we must have someone to trust and someone that would stick with them no matter who they are.

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