Feminism is defined as “the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes”. Although this may be true, feminism in America today has become something completely different.  Feminism used to be a movement of woman who fought for gender equality, but now the feminist group is fighting for women’s rights and completely disregarding the rights of Men. In fact, some feminist are going as far as labeling all men as misogynistic pigs. Even though Women and Men are pretty much equal, feminist still argue that there is a roughly 78 cents wage gap, which is completely false. Statistically, Men are more likely to ask for raises or more likely to take risks that ends up earning them a promotion. Women on the other hand are statistically more likely to take days off for maternity leave, or just take days off in general, which would earn them less. I also find it odd that on a “Day without women”, feminist and some women abandoned their jobs for the day, which would, in turn, earn them less of a day’s salary, which would only fan the flame to the mythical wage gap. http://www.npr.org/2011/02/14/133599768/ask-for-a-raise-most-women-hesitate Modern Feminist are notorious for making false claims, including the idea that we live in a rape culture, the idea that women are oppressed, and the wage gap. The idea that we live in a rape culture is ridiculous because rape culture is defined as “a society or environment whose prevailing social attitudes have the effect of normalizing or trivializing sexual assault and abuse.” and in America, rape is looked down upon and you will get arrested for committing acts of rape, so America doesn’t have prevailing social attitudes of normalizing or trivializing sexual assault. Oppression is defined as to “keep (someone) in subservience and hardship, especially by the unjust exercise of authority.” Women are certainly not oppressed in America, as Women have equal rights to Men, and not to mention, we almost had a Woman for president. Because of the obnoxious feminist who actively speak out and get themselves on the news, feminist supporters tend to have a bad outlook on the white male because feminist tend to speak bad about them. In fact, Men have a lot of disadvantages as opposed to women

https://www.quora.com/What-are-disadvantages-of-being-male-as-opposed-to-female this website gives some examples of Men disadvanteges. Most feminist start to call anyone who does not share their beliefs or disproves them a sexist, or something along those lines. Some feminist argue that video games objectify women and appeal to the male fantasy(even though some video games show male character with no shirt), which is partly true because the majority of gamers are male, and the gaming industry will try to get gamers to buy their product by objectifying women. Some feminist even say that killing a female player in an online game should be considered rape, and some games such as football are promoting rape, which is simply untrue. Although, the feminist in the middle eastern countries are fighting real oppression, so we should give respect to them. Hopefully you all can learn the truth behind modern feminism in America and become a little more educated.

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  1. atesillo 3 months ago

    Dear Caleb,
    I can totally relate to this issue with a game called overwatch. Most of the female had a slim body type which didn’t really didn’t stand out at first. Later on someone made a complaint that this wasn’t a good sign for all woman. So billzared (the creators) decided to make a new charcter that feature a body builder type of person. This is my opinion and i believe that when a person kills a female character in a game, that is not rape. I think it’s just the way they “exagerate” about the game or maybe I’m just now seeing the bigger picture. Please respond to me when you can.
    Aydan Tesillo

  2. Kesheira 4 months ago

    Dear Caleb,

    Women are oppressed in America. I agree with that Feminism has changed but I must say that I disagree with you on the fact you said that women are not oppressed in America, men and women are not equal.

    Men gets paid more than women. Women don’t just take days off for no reason, we get our periods which is unbearable. Some men believes that women are useless in the world and that they should be kept as “ housewives;” that’s why women have a day where they don’t have to go to work, to show that women are as important as men. And yeah we ALMOST had a madam president, but we didn’t.

    You heard how Trump describe women and how he talks about women. And yeah, I know that the women in video games are supposed to be fighters but damn , at least give her proper clothes, I play video games almost every day and I see that they barely have clothes, my little brother believed that is how women are suppose to dress. That’s how women are objectified.

    A woman get judged based on how she looks and how she dresses. She can wear a short shirt and guys expect her to sleep with them. She’s a women not a stripper, give her warrior clothes, she can wear short clothes but she doesn’t need to show off all of her breast and butt.

    Women are raped in America, men too but mostly women. Women go to college or work and they are most likely to get sexually harassed. Maybe if you were a women, you would probably understand why women always feel a certain way.

    Women are mostly objectified more than men in the media. Feminism should be about the rights of women and to show that we are important. For example, one time at a carnival, a bunch of women were raped and the men excuse was that “They looked like they wanted it” and that’s how women are treated.

  3. PittPattPett 5 months ago

    People debate over whether or not feminism still has a place in society now that women have all the rights in voting, working, and property management that men have. Honestly, not really. Feminism was a political movement, that worked on such a large scale to eliminate problems in the laws that could be easily seen and addressed. The reality is that feminism is directly advocating, modern day, against the social treatment of women. This is an issue that isn’t as easily taken against, as there is no coherent way to determine what the social treatment of anybody is connected to.
    Fixing the way women are treated cannot involve changing the movie industry, video game industry, or our president. This is an issue that has to be addressed on more individual levels. This is because there are so few people today that actually treat women different, and this is more often than not attributed to how they were raised and who they interacted with in life. Changing social treatment has to happen with real people, not movements. If you are a girl, try to take more charge at school or in work to SHOW how independent and worthy of good treatment you are. If you are a boy, be more inclusive of girls in your activities and considerations. ultimately, it boils down to how change happens at smaller levels.

  4. Jamik 5 months ago

    I didn’t know that there were feminists who thought this way, very surprising. Some of the accusations that they’ve stated is ridiculous of course but I’m sure that there are a lot of feminists who don’t whole heartily agree with some of these statements that’ve been made by some. A question that I’ve been wondering is, should women still be feminists if they now have equal rights to men? If yes or no, then why?

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