These are my reflections to the videos that I watched, and those videos are “How stress can make you sick”, and “How stress affects your brain.”

What I learned was that The adrenal gland releases the stress hormone Cortisol, Epinephrine, and Norepinephrine, these three hormones travel through my bloodstream, blood vessels and then into my heart. And all those three can cause my heart to beat faster, inner lining of blood vessels not functioning normally, these can lead to a heart attack or a stroke. Stressors can impacts my body’s physiology by weakening my ability to control my stress, it can cause my brain to shrink in size and that can affect my concentration, decision making, judgement, and social interaction. It can also make it hard to learn things and remembering them. What was interesting and surprising about the videos and how stress impacts us is that stress can cause acne, hair loss, sexual dysfunction, headaches, muscle tension, difficulty concentrating and a few more.
It’s important to find a healthy way to manage my stress because that can affect my future and who I am, and by that I mean like things that are easy for to do might seem really hard for me since I’ve developed a really bad stress over time, and by “who I am”, I mean like the personality that everyone once knew well about me, will change because of the stress I’m having,like if I was once a cheerful girl, after stressing a lot, I’ll become this depressed girls that never smiles and is always grumpy.


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