The sun has risen up,

Oh no is morning! I wish I could be asleep,

I’d rather be counting sheep.

Let’s give a huge ‘do not wake me up’ a thumbs up.

Oh no is almost time for school

But hey if you are late for class,

Do not worry, go back to bed and relax

School in the morning is not that cool.


But hey if you wanna have a future,

You better enjoy the morning,

Otherwise you will end up as a failure.

So stop moaning , this is a warning!

Get up and go to school,

Stay strong and stop the drama,

Morning classes do not have to be cool,

But,they will bring you, your High School Diploma.

                                                  — Marcus Vinicius.


I.S.O. model used – Coatsworth ” On a Night of Snow ”

Photo by SFB579 Namaste



  1. Tykeim 4 years ago

    this give me life and make me think about life

  2. Alli 4 years ago

    Hi Marcus,

    Awesome poem! Being a high school student I found it very relatable.

  3. Natalya 4 years ago


    This poem is great! I love the rhyme scheme and the flow of the whole thing. It had a very bouncy rhythm that I enjoy. I can also relate very heavily to that struggle. I never ever want to get up but the anxiety of failing always gets to me!

    Great work,


  4. Naomi 4 years ago

    Hey Marcus!

    Your poem is so great, I love it! It made me laugh, think, and also relate, with the narrator. I could see the care you took in rhyming the lines and making the ideas flow.


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