As a current highschooler, I’ve been trying to cope with the fact that adulthood is right the corner, and as great as people make it seem, most never explain the struggles of the transition. Before we continue, I had gotten the idea to write this from a poem on youth voices named Leaving the Nest. Moving on, I suppose the trouble of the transition is based on the type of person that is going through the transition. For example, if the person really hasn’t had the best childhood and had grown up in a broken home, the time to leave the house couldn’t seem to have come sooner. However, if the person lived an average childhood and has a close bond with their family, the struggle of becoming an adult could be a very difficult one. Furthermore, another struggle comes down to the fact of how you prepared for adulthood. For instance, life can be very complicated if you don’t have a career plan in mind, or even a choice of school, which is why there are those that do in fact, prepare for a school, major, and job. Therefore, whether you’re ready or not, you will have to grow up, but, at least you can take comfort in the thought that even though you have to grow up, you don’t truly have to grow up.

Photo by Jamie Schaap

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