I’ve been reading Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell. The book starts off in the bus on the way to school. Everyone has their own seat but when Eleanor gets on the bus, everyone blocks the empty part of their seat with their backpacks. Eleanor being new and everything didn’t know where to seat, everyone made fun of her appearance since she was chubby and dressed, well very weird. 

I felt very bad for her because imagine being the new girl and have everyone judging you for your looks. That’s just not cool especially since they don’t even know her. But anyways, she was probably standing in place for a good 10 minutes until Park let her sit with him. But he seemed very angry about it, he even said a couple of cuss words before she sat down. 

From that day on Eleanor sits next to Park on the bus. But Park doesn’t like her. He tries to come up with ways so get rid of her, and so does she. The bus rides got very awkward for Park since he didn’t know what to tell her after the “incident”. So he reads his comics instead. He would get a feeling that someone was watching him so when he turned he saw Eleanor staring at the book. That’s when the silence finally broke but not technically because the next day Park gave her a comic she can borrow. She seemed very confused at the moment but she took it anyways. 

Things continued on like this until Park finally asks her one day if she was into The Smiths, a band. She tells him no but she would like to. They would talk only on the bus and when they arrived at school they would go their separate ways.  Until one day Park decides to hold Eleanor’s hand, and then the next he plays with her hair. I couldn’t help but smile at this part because in the beginning of the book he didn’t like her but now it seems like he does. 

Then one day he decides to go to Eleanor’s house because he couldn’t wait to see her, even though they weren’t together. The next day on the bus, Park felt very bad since her stepdad got her in trouble for talking to him. Well, days pass on and Eleanor tells Park if she can have his number. Park starts laughing and tells her why. Eleanor tells him that to just forget it and the only reason she wanted it was because she was actually going to have a phone. Since she was going to babysit for her dad. He ends up giving it to her and he tells to memorize it, he tells her this until Friday, the day of her babysitting. That’s all I’ve read so far.



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  1. Alli 4 years ago

    Hi Jannette,

    Eleanor and Park is one of my favorite books. I found it to be a very sweet quick read. I think the author does a good job developing Eleanor and Park’s relationship without it being forced, rushed or too cheesy. I hope you enjoy the rest of the book!

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