Take out both garbages; come straight home after school; get at least all Cs; Do homework and classwork;turn work in on time; Don’t curse in every other sentence/word; don’t say the “N” word; don’t skip class; don’t arrive at home after 5:00 without an acceptable excuse; don’t leave the house without telling anyone; wash the dinner dishes before you go to bed; don’t put hands on your brother; take medication in the morning; don’t steal things; go to tutoring after school on Wednesday; memorize lines for drama; Don’t stall; don’t over-explain things; make sure your brother is awake before you leave to go to school; brush teeth in the morning and night; don’t interrupt people; pay to get on the bus; wash hair and body in the shower; listen to teachers; stay on task; don’t distract others; don’t distract yourself; don’t drink alcohol; don’t be rude; be polite; don’t say dumb/stupid things; listen to mom; listen to dad; listen to neighbors; help with dinner; be on time; don’t spoil. things for People; help clean the house on Sunday; When doing a project such as this, don’t think about the number of Words Just think about the topic; don’t talk back; just do the work; don’t use the red controller; do all your chores; don’t use dad’s headphones; don’t look at the TV while doing homework; don’t Whine; Don’t throw the ball in the house; don’t run in the house; don’t bug Mom and dad; don’t be late; don’t sing along with the Music MY parents play; When told to do something, don’t complain just do it; don’t go on electronics when grounded; don’t stay up all night; don’t antagonize Your brother; don’t Plot with your food unless it Plays with you first; don’t fight with brother; remember to Clean the dishes on the Stove; don’t use baby Voices; don’t use the “I’m Batman” Voice; and don’t argue with my parents.



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  1. Beatrice 4 years ago

    I can so relate to this poem. I have been told not to do most of these don’ts.

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