Lacrosse player

  • Beginning of practice

Get your pads on, get your cleats on, huddle up. OK I say rushing to not be the last one to get my pads on.

  • In huddle

We have a game on the weekend, today we will walk through Raven(defense), run a mile and then bring it up on me. Stop walking. Ok I say sweat dripping down my face and the steam coming out my mouth as I talk.

  • Back in huddle

Make sure to hit and run as hard as you can all the time, pass the ball straight to the stick, run threw the ball, call for the ball, talk on defense. Come here Alejandro, go hard in every drill, yes coach; just because some kids are not as good as you doesn’t mean you go easy on them. There is no way you will get better if you do not go hard, They have to catch up to you and get better on their own time. Ok, I just don’t want to go to hard to the point that they quite.

  • Playing 6 on 6

Slide to him, hit him, talk more on defense, tell him where to go, be a leader. Hit him in his hit and hands. You are backside, you are 2, I got 2! Go! Go! Go! Im hot! Im hot! I’m sliding! Huddle up.

  • In huddle

Good practice we need all the balls picked up and the goals put away. Good practice go hard every time the new kids and freshman will get better on their own time. Ok coach, thank you see you tomorrow.


CC BY-SA 4.0 Daily practice for Lacrosse player by Alejandro is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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