“Speak english!” Stand up for yourself. Get into fights. Eat chicken. Get good grades. C’s and B’s aren’t very good. “ your parents are teachers you should be more like them.” Study. Don’t play video games all the time. “ stop talking.” I hear this the most talking is the way I express myself. “ Don’t wear shorts to school when it is cold outside. “Don’t hang around your sisters.” “ it’s your fault, no it’s not.  Give me your phone. Give your mom your phone. Stop using your phone.” i have to do my work.” respect your elders. I ALREADY DO! clean your room. Pick this up., pick that up. Wash the dishes. Sweep the rug. Make my sisters do it. Go study. You better do good in school. Stay in the house you never know what can happen on the streets. No comic books from the library get mostly non-fiction.


          These are the things i have to go through and this is only a short list of things that people want me to do in the house and outside of the house in places like school. Of course if you can’t tell, many of these things i have ignored half of these things. I try to avoid these things and do what I think might benefit me except when it comes to my parents. I feel like no matter what, I have to obey them even if I sometimes forget to throw away the trash or something. Sometimes the opposite of what we see up there is what you really are like. Like a mask of titanium melted to your face you can’t take it off and if you managed to half your face will be ripped of. This would be the way people saw you . living in a lonely world behind the mask of despair which is why I never put the mask on in the first place.


CC BY-SA 4.0 Black boy v.2 by Abdou is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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