Wake up in the morning and smile.

Smile when you are pained.

Smile when you are sad. When you are angry and irritated.

Smile when you come home.

Smile when you greet someone.

Be happy at all times.

Don’t cry in front of people. Only cry behind you closed bedroom so people won’t know how weak you are.

Don’t show your emotions to people because that is what makes you weak.

Be respectful, and always listen.

Don’t speak unless asked, so people won’t know how disrespectful you are.

Always listen to older people because they know more than you do.

Eat less when you are outside, don’t speak out loud, and don’t ask unless given.

Don’t talk while eating, so you won’t show your ugly self.

Don’t say you are tired, you are too young.

Be thankful, you have a place to stay.

Dress nicely but don’t show too much skin for you might caught a man’s eye.

Be aware, stay away from boys, don’t wake the love.

Don’t have too many friends they might keep you off task.  

Focus on your education , that is all you need.

You have to be perfect, you can’t make  mistakes.

Don’t share your  deepest secrets to people other than your family.

Don’t trust anybody, they will use you like the weak person you are. 

Sit straight, stand straight, walk like a lady, act like a lady so you might find a husband, a support and love.

Exercise to be fit but don’t develop any muscles for people might mistake you for a man and you might be a disgrace to our family.

Don’t run with the boys.

Act shy at all times.

Don’t speak your opinion to a man so he won’t throw you away.

Don’t ask for  more than what you have.

Don’t complain and don’t feel having more.

Don’t look people in the eye for to long, they might see through your soul.

“Please don’t look at me because I might not be me”.




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