Wake up. Go to school. Try to focus, struggle. Next class. Try to focus, struggle. Rinse, repeat. Try to tell your teacher that the homework he/she assigned two weeks ago is not finished because x reason. Lunch time. Boring, nothing interesting, not hungry either. Next class. Try to focus, struggle. Daydream about what you could be doing if you weren’t in this class. Realize school is needed to get a job and be successful. Fuck. PE! Yay! Oh wait we are running a mile today. Fuck. Final class! Yay! Oh wait it’s algebra and you have literally learned this stuff last year. Maybe you should talk to your counselor. Oh no all the other classes are full. Well shit. School is now out. Don’t go on this bus the loud people are on it, go walk and take the fifty-seven for some quiet. Enjoy the only bit of quiet time you will have.

Get home. Siblings got back before you and ate all the fucking hot pockets. God fucking dammit. Sit in the kitchen and eat a nasty sandwich. Think about all the homework you are not doing while the younger kids run around and make so much noise you didn’t hear the police sirens outside. Just be grateful you’re not one of those kids in a third world country. Take out the trash. Notice that there was a car crash and a fight but you didn’t hear it because of how loud it was in your house. How? Don’t even ask me. Aunt decided it was a great time to come drunk and crash at our house because… reasons. Kicked out of room and now you have to sleep on the couch.

Uncomfortable and sirens past by like every hour, but now that everyone is asleep their noise won’t drown out the sounds of the sirens. Okay, it’s sleep time. Nothing should bother you now, even if you had a bad day today you can still get a good sleep, right? Oh wait, your brain decided it was a great idea to remind you about the homework that was assigned for about two weeks now is due tomorrow and you haven’t even touched the folder that holds it. Well fuck it. I’ll go to sleep and turn it in late. No no no, it’s not gonna be that easy. Your brain now decides to remind you of all the fuck ups in your only fourteen years of life. Now you will lay awake trying to justify all the stupid things you have done in the past. Get up and hope for a better day, good luck.



  1. Ian 4 years ago

    Nice story and I agree with you for the most part

  2. Andre 4 years ago

    I really like this piece it made me laugh and think which is always a good thing. Its also reminds me that everybody has a bad day once in a while.

  3. Ben 4 years ago

    I really liked this piece. It made me realize, what I think of as a bad day is not nearly as terrible as what other people are going through. I hope to see more pieces like this from you.

  4. Syera 4 years ago

    I love this piece of writing. What you wrote about is very true and can relate to so many different people in the same way. A lot of people have this problem, but it isn’t a bad thing. Everyone can have bad days and that’s okay. This piece of writing also made me laugh a little bit because of the word choice. I could picture this happening in my head. Great Job! Keep up the good work.

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