What i observed in this image was a message basically telling drivers to text and drive. The message says that because if you text and drive then you’ll end up being in a car accident and die, the message is also from a funeral home, if more people die then they will end up buying a casket for the person in a funeral home. I think they are motivating people to die while they drive.  My position about this would be to disagree because i don’t want people to die. The image of the billboard is my evidence. I am honestly surprised on how fast my opinions form and how fast i just automatically make claims about something.

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  1. Jo 5 months ago

    I appreciate this analysis of the billboard. I’m not sure if the intent of the funeral home was to actually “motivate people to die while they drive” but more so implying that if you text and drive, you will likely end up in a funeral home. I definitely see how it can be read the other way as well though. Keep publishing your awesome thoughts.

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