Author: Mary

Feminism: Research Question

When I was given this assignment, all I knew was that I wanted to write about feminism, but I didn’t really know exactly what about it. So, I started thinking, and I started researching. As I dug deeper, I realized just how wide of an issue feminism really is. There are people on both sides of it, those very for it and those very against it. However, as I was digging, I realized that “feminism” really doesn’t have just one definition. There are so many different facets to it, so many different understandings of what the word actually means. Ultimately, it is the notion that women and men should have exactly the same standing. Most people would not disagree with that idea. Why, then, is feminism considered such a radical thing? Because of the different meanings people give it.

So, my research question has become this: What really is Feminism, what should it be in today’s modern society, and how do we de-stigmatize the notion that women and men are equal?

Photo by Gigi Ibrahim