Posted by Mary on March 4, 2017

Feminism: Initial Research

This paper is difficult to research, due to the fact that a lot of the material it covers is highly subjective. I started with some personal examples, and then from there I did some quick google searches to get me some more factual information.

As far as personal examples go, the ones I used are that of girl scouts versus boy scouts, my grandmother not understanding that you can that young girls and boys the same way, and my experience growing up in a very male-dominated environment. From there, I googled the difference between girl scouts and boy scouts. The sites I found are their official websites, along with one that tells about the differences (,,

Then, I googled generational differences in the treatment of men and women, and I came up with an article that tells more about the way society views men and women now versus years past (

After this search, I will turn to other databases, such as GALE and EBSCO to try to find more empirical data.

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