My book,The Hemingway Tradition, was mainly focused on the idea of suicide and how it can take a toll on someone. Shaw’s dad was a famous writer in Canada and a lot of people knew about his work and Shaw wanted to follow in his footsteps. Once his dad killed himself however, Shaw wanted to distance himself from his dad now knowing that almost everyone would know about his dad’s death. In college Shaw was majoring in writing and some friends encouraged him to keep following in his father’s steps and that’s what he did. Later on Shaw’s mother told him that his dad was a homosexual and that’s why he had killed himself, Shaw was devastated but decided to continue on his path.
The idea of suicide is a rough subject to talk about because it is mainly caused by either depression or bullying. In his dad’s case it was because he was homosexual, in today’s world it is widely accepted most people so why did he have to kill himself? I have an idea, maybe he thought would disappoint everyone who was a fan and maybe even his family. It should’ve ended another way, he could have received some encouragement and maybe he would even receive more praise. But nonetheless this is a cold world that we all live in and we all must find a way to get through life as happily as possible.

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