As our technological world progresses people try to keep up with these new additions by having the newest and greatest things that are out, most of these technological advances are ways to make life more efficient. If you add all of these factors up then it will tell you that people in this day and age want things to happen fast; so when people face the choice between having an invasive surgery and a long recovery period, or they could have herbs and acupuncture that will heal you in half of the time most people would lean towards the alternative. Although many traditional doctors do not believe in alternative medicine as a healthy choice, alternative medicine has been shown as a better non invasive way to treat some medical conditions.

Many people become bewildered when asked the difference between alternative medicine and complementary medicine. Although they are very similar complementary medicine is a type of non-mainstream practice which is used along with conventional medicine, whereas alternative medicine which is also a non-mainstream practice and is used in a place of traditional medicine. Alternative Medicine is defined by MeSH as an “Unorthodox therapeutic systems which usually have no satisfactory scientific explanation for their effectiveness. Alternative medicine does not refer to therapies’ of unknown or unproven value.” Another type of medicine that is used is called integrative medicine this approach to medicine is a mix of both alternative medicine and of traditional medicine.





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