Alternative medicine developed in both The United States of America, and Europe approximately in the 1700s, “by 1850, Americans dissatisfied with conventional medicine could choose from among Thomsonianism (which employed botanical drugs and steam baths), hydropathy (which used various applications of cold water), magnetic healing (which relied on hypnotism and suggestion), and a number of other schemes.”(James Whorton) Many people were drawn to alternative medicine due to the claims people had made about it, for example saying that it could cure cancer Ect. During this time many conventional doctors did not believe in this type of healing due to the lack of scientific proof (which this argument between conventional doctors and unconventional doctors still is upheld to this day.)

Many conventional doctors do not believe in alternative practices due to the fact that many doctors believe in things that can be scientifically proved, and most alternative medicine does not have any way to be proved scientifically. “Some alternative medical practitioners make exaggerated claims about curing diseases, and some ask you to forgo treatment from your conventional doctor.” Which is another reason why conventional doctors do not believe in alternative medicine.


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