An article titled “The Politics of Veganism” breaks down this lifestyle into all sorts of topics of debate. It covers the controversy around it, the difference between veganism and vegetarianism, the environmental effects, and common myths thought about diet in general. In the section concerning the environment, it explicitly states that the meat industry has a direct link to “…wastage, pollution, the production of fewer nutrients, deforestation and the associated extinction of many species of animals by the destruction of their habitats, ninety percent of which live in the tropics [Singer, 1995:169]; and the methane effect.” (McGrath 2000). 

The science and research has been done to prove why a diet high in the consumption of meat and dairy is detrimental to not only health but the planet, too. It’s also been shown that a cutback in contribution to these industries would even reverse some of these effects and not just stop them. Some of these benefits would include, “…the availability of agricultural land previously used for livestock, reduction of the wastage of water used in producing the feed for livestock and a return of the wetlands.” (McGrath 2000). This would, in turn, translate to the ability to feed countries plagued by hunger.

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  1. Naomi 2 years ago

    Hi Heidi,

    Veganism seems to be on the rise lately, and I didn’t really know what all the benefits were, so I enjoyed reading your post! Like you wrote, going “meat-free” has many benefits to the environment as well as our bodies, but would we be missing any key nutrients? Also, how would following a pescetarian diet compare in terms of the environmental and nutrient impact to veganism and vegetarianism?


  2. Mae 2 years ago

    Heidi, I really enjoyed your article. I have always known that veganism had benefits on the environment, but I didn’t know to what extent. I enjoyed learning about this. This has made me reconsider my life choices, and consider a vegetarian lifestyle. I would love to help the environment, and this seems an easy way to make a big difference.

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