In researching about the benefits on one’s mental health from meditation, I found several studies that show numerous reasons as to why meditation benefits all kinds of people. In the first article I read, “Meditative Therapies for Reducing Anxiety…” the author talked about how significant numbers of people have shown signs of improvement in their anxiety or depression just by meditating. It was interesting how this article not only pointed out the obvious benefits one gets from meditating, but it was also pointed out how unlike antidepressants and anxiety medications, meditation has no adverse effects, leaving the patient with no unwanted side effects. There was a study done to test anxiety levels in volunteers before and after meditating for a certain amount of time. The results were that 25 out of 36 people found a significant reduction in anxiety.

It was also interesting to find that meditating was being introduced into school settings. There a some schools now that are trying out meditation in order to enhance academic strengths, coping abilities within the social and academic aspects, and the capacity to self regulate oneself. Surveys found out that students become more focused and became more mindful which led to more optimism in themselves, which also led to less stress and to better academic grades. Meditation helps students expand their capacity to think in class which allows them to retain more information.

What I found most interesting out of all these articles is a study done on musicians and their performance anxiety/depression/mood. This last article in “Yoga Ameliorates Performance Anxiety and Mood Disturbance in Young Professional Musicians” states that “Yoga and meditation can alleviate stress, anxiety, mood disturbance, and musculoskeletal problems, and can enhance cognitive and physical performance” which is very important to musicians and even in the everyday person. Three groups of musicians were put to the test when one group of 15 meditated consistently for two months, another 15 practiced yoga, and another group of 15 made no changes; they were the control group. At the end of the two months, both the yoga practicers and meditators were found to have a decrease in anger, performance anxiety, performance-related musculoskeletal disorders (PRMD), perceived stress, and  levels of depression, while there was no change in the control group. This was interesting because while this study tested musicians, all of the aspects that improved in their lives from meditating can be easily applied to a student like me.


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  1. Markie 2 years ago

    Gigi! What a great essay topic. I personally love meditation and yoga. It’s great to know all of the positive impacts it can have on one’s health. It’s amazing to know all the impacts it can have on your body but also your mental health. It was very fun and interesting reading about this topic. It was also very well written! Great Job!!

  2. Steven 3 years ago

    I am thrilled about your essay “The Mind and Its Benefits from Meditation” because I didn’t know yoga and meditation can naturally solve mental problems. I thought it just relax one’s brain and go on about their day. One thing that stood out to me is, “Meditation helps students expand their capacity to think in class which allows them to retain more information.” Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because you know your stuff and contain useful information for readers.

  3. Luca 3 years ago

    Hello Gigi,

    I find it very interesting that people have had benefits from meditating. i have tried it before and never got much from it. I also only did it one time so its probably a process that has to be repeated a few times to get a benefit. Maybe what I was doing also didn’t help. I should have maybe researched the subject before trying it out of the blue.
    I like what you wrote it makes me very interested in researching the subject.

    have a nice day


  4. Kenzie 3 years ago

    I thought this was really cool. I have read multiple studies on how helpful meditating can be, and I’ve always found it so interesting how putting a small window of time away to meditate can affect so much.

  5. Ashton 3 years ago

    I love what you have to say here! This is pretty beneficial to me as a musician and performer who struggles with performance and generalized anxiety and depression. I have found meditation to be the best reliever of my anxiety and yoga has been amazing in teaching me how to cope when life gets difficult. It’s obvious how much research you put into this article and your writing reflects that you have a clear understanding of the subject. Nice work!

  6. Rylan 3 years ago

    I agree! While I recognize that not everyone will want to do yoga I do maintain the belief that having some time to vent frustration, anxiety, sadness, and other things of similar nature is extremely important.

  7. Jimmy 3 years ago

    Gigi, I agree with your post stating how beneficial mediation can be in our everyday lives. We are constantly targeted by stress and anxiety each day at school and with the implantation of yoga or meditation our ability to focus would increase and our anxiety would decrease. Alleviating as much stress as possible out of our everyday lives will allow much more production to come from the endless hours we spend in school.

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