I learned a lot about photography and the purpose of taking photos after studying Rehahn and his career in photography. Rehahn is a truly inspiring photographer. His photos have purpose and the ability to tell stories. His vision for his photography career is to preserve cultures that are dying through his photos. What I admire most about Rehahn as a photographer is that he doesn’t pose his subjects, but he talks to them and makes them feel comfortable while taking their photo. He gets to know his subjects well before he photographs them, which helps him to capture their soul in the portrait.

Some of Rehahn’s techniques include capturing the photo after the pose so that the subject looks authentic and natural. He oftentimes fills the whole frame with his subject. He focuses on the subject’s eyes because they have the ability to reflect the beauty of their soul. Rehahn likes to play with the point of view of his photos, which makes for a unique and different result. He also plays around with his F- stop and typically has an f-stop of 1.2-2.0. He also typically shoots in the morning and in the afternoon.  He puts a lot of thought and effort into his photos in order to achieve the result he is looking for. Rehahn is successful in this field because he is a people person. He loves to meet new people and learn about new cultures and that is why he prevails in portrait photography.


CC BY-SA 4.0 Rehahn Photography Lessons by Sofia is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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