I explored some of the research papers and abstracts on Pioneer with a search query of “computer algorithms”. The goal was to see the new research that involves algorithms. Unsurprisingly there were around 10,000 periodicals that were associated with algorithms and machine learning. I only focused on papers that were published in 2017. I was surprised to find that all of the papers I encountered were researched by Chinese research groups. There are many factors as to why this is the case so attempting to rationalize or explain the results would not be an effective use of time. However three of the papers I read were experiments that directly used algorithms. One was about if an algorithm could more accurately determine the composition of organic samples by given only a few data references on the sample. The algorithm was more accurate than certain empirical tests. Another algorithm was used for maximizing rendering speed and 3D graphic coding and decoding. The other article was about how a simple heuristics algorithm can make server communications faster and more efficient. From what I have currently researched, there is not a majority, or single type of algorithm research that dominates the field.  There is a lot of interdisciplinary research and research that focus and making systems more efficient.





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