Traditionally and culturally gender has been defined by one’s anatomical gender. As we grow up we learn about a gender that is opposite to what we are “suppose” to be. “Gender itself [as] a kind of becoming or activity, and that gender ought not to be conceived as a noun or a substantial thing or a static cultural marker, but rather as an incessant and repeated action of some sort (p. 112, Butler 1990).” Each gender has been specified characteristics on how they should act, what they should look like, and what activities they should be a part of. Our society even presses us with these gender norms through gender policing, which is an attempt to regulate “appropriate” behaviors of genders. Those who do not conform to gender expectations receive a negative reaction from gender policing.

Gender roles affect the perceptions that people have of you and how you view yourself. In a study on spatial agency bias (SAB) and gender, it was determined that pairs of couples where the male had a high status role in the workplace and the female had a low status role in the workplace was favored more than if the roles were reversed. The best result was when both the male and the female had a high status role in the workplace. These results prove that even though our society has progressed in gender equality that traditional gender roles still do affect how men and women are perceived.  

Gender Policing:


Spatial Agency Bias and Gender:


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CC BY-SA 4.0 Pioneer Research: Gender Policing and Spatial Agency Bias by Suzanna is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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